Lian Li BORALITE Series RGB BORA DIGITAL SLIVER 120mm Fan (3PCS, silver)


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  • Mfr Part Number: BORA DIGITAL SLIVER
  • Feature:
    • Majestic RGB – The Bora fans combine the power of 16RGB LEDs with a clear, unobstructed dispersion ring to create unprecedented light effects
    • Rubber corners – All four corners of the Bora fan feature rubber pads to reduce vibration between the chassis and the Bora fan
    • Easy cleaning – The Bora ring can be quickly disassembled, for easy cleaning. Keep performance optical, keep looks fresh
    • Modding options – Bora fans can be quickly customized by swapping the Aluminium ring frames with original Lian Li parts, or modders can paint them in any color they want
    • Dual ball bearing – Dual ball bearing fans are the de-facto standard for high-end cooling equipment. Long-lifetime, performance make it a preferred choice for fans that need to deliver cooling and airflow for longer than just a few months
    • Dual ball bearing fan benefits – Dual ball bearing fans experience reducecd friction allowing better performance, set at 1900 rpm Bora fans will typically experience~2100 rpm at no extra
  • Frame material: sandblasted Aluminium
  • Fan material: Polyurethane
  • Bearing type: Double ball bearing
  • Rated voltage: 12/25V
  • Rated currenct: 0.15 A
  • Fan speed Min/Max/Effective: 800/1900/2050 RPM
  • Fan Contrlol: PWM
  • Airflow @Max RPM: 57.2 CFM
  • Static Air Pressure: 1.9 mm-H2O
  • Dimensions: 120.0 x 120.0 x 25.0 mm
  • Weight: 180.0 g



Lian Li

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