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The PcKartel Business is conducted through our Webstore that operates under the umbrella of Digital Compudev Llc. Both entities are registered with the latter leading in the organizations' sole purpose in its business, to source, make available, and deliver to clients and customers, items categorised only as Portable Computers and Devices. Therefore, our core merchandise usually consists of items that assumes the style and functions in the same way as Laptops. Hence, we usually stock 'only' items such as Chromebooks, Netbooks, Tablet Computers, Ultrabooks and all compatible accessories, hardware and replacement parts. We do however, engage in special-order arrangements at the request of interested clients and customers, for PC Workstations and Desktop Style Computers.

We are an organisation that functions for the most part, through PcKartel Website and our operations have been up and running since September 2002. We are regarded as the 'New Hype' with our sizable Inventory contains the most popular and newest branded items that we offer. Those items consist of Tablet Computers, Notebooks, Netbooks and Ultra Books.. We do go further to compliment the many types of Mobile Computer stocks with parts, accessories, peripherals and other Desktop compatible Periferals. However, our main focus is on computing devices that are easiest to access, operate and travel with.. 

Our Website was commissioned to operate as one of the most convenient ways for customers to access a large inventory of the newest in portable computers and related devices. We aim to maintain this website as secure and easy for customers and clients to browse. Relevant clauses regarding using our online portal are clearly stated in our Privacy Policy. We maintain a points system to help customers and clients make their time more meaningful while on our website. All financial directives are created and administered within the Digital Compudev Group. Some customer-related activities are drafted by our local Site Administrator. 

Most of our customers are from a diverse group of both Business Entrepreneurs and ordinary home users. We endevour to operate efficiently through our Website which will continue to be the sole conduit in our major areas such as Sales, Technical Support and Customer Services. All our visitors can contact us easily for additional information and special arrangements by using the designated links' to other services on our ShopSite. We rely on the feedback from customers about our activities so that we will be better able to continue making our service better. As part of policy, we continue to encourage clients to keep sending important comments. 

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